Cooked eSports qualifies for the Australian Quake Championships in Top Spot

Sun 14th Oct 2018 - 1:39am : Quake Champions

Cooked eSports has qualified for the Australian Quake Championships at PAX in Top Spot after the conclusion of the 8 ESL Go4 Qualifiers.


Big thanks to Profanum from our Business As Usual amateur squad for providing his services as a substitute in the final qualifier.

The final Qualification standands were:

1) Cooked eSports - ZenAku and murd0r (645 Points)

2) Corvidae Entertainment - dandaking and Steej (515 Points)

3) ContentsPerMinute - Python and TheSpudHunter (300 Points)

4) Avant Gaming - Lure and Crunchy (Wildcard Qualification)